Pepper picks Dunedin's best places for pups!

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Hi! My name is Pepper and I live in Dunedin, Florida with my Mom, Stephanie, and this weird feline creature named Patches. I’d be just as happy if Patches wasn’t around, but Mom scolds me when I’m mean to her. Regardless, the town we live in is this wonderful place with lots of fun things for me to do. I really like going around town because it starts with a car ride! And Mom doesn’t take Patches with us, so I get all of the attention.



Patches the Feline

This past year has been really strange. At first, I thought it was going to be awesome because Mom stopped getting in the indoor rain thingy, putting on her fancy clothes and leaving the house every morning. She started staying home with me ALL day... EVERY day! She just put on her play clothes (or stayed in her jammies, but that’s supposed to be a secret) and hung out around the house.

After a while she started spending more and more time with this dumb plastic thing. It has a screen, kind of like a television, but it’s just got boring people stuff on it. Her hands pet this flat thing on the bottom and it doesn’t move or do anything fun or play with her the way I do. I don’t understand why she is so attentive to it. It seems like she played with me more before she stayed at home all the time.


My Mom Stephanie exploring the trails of Honeymoon Island with me.

Anyway, Mom said that since I get bored, I could start helping her review the fun doggie places that we go. Our little town actually has the nickname Dogedin and she said I could let you guys know all of the best places to go from my point of view. There are a lot of dog friends wandering around town and they might need some help finding the best places. Mom always says that I’m supposed to be helpful, gentle and kind (even with Patches).

My favorite place on Earth is dog beach at Honeymoon Island State Park. I’ll review that first for you once I’ve taken a nap, eaten a treat or two and have more energy.  Then I'll take you around town to my favorite places to explore, to eat and my favorite doggie events.  You'll get to love Dunedin as much as I do!

Til next time! Woof! Woof!

Love, Pepper

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